About Max



Associate Professor Massimiliano (Max) Massi

Department of Chemistry – Curtin University


Education and Qualifications


Ph.D. in Chemistry

Institute for the Study of Nanostructured Materials, CNR Bologna, Italy

Ph.D. Thesis: “Molecular engineering and nanofabrication”

Supervisors Prof A. Palazzi and Dr Fabio Biscarini



Laurea in Industrial Chemistry, equivalent to BSc(Hons)

Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, University of Bologna, Italy

Laurea Thesis: “Funtionalised 5-aryltetrazoles as ligands in organometallic complexes”

Supervisors Prof A. Palazzi and Dr S. Stagni



2016 RACI Organometallic Chemistry Award

2013-2017 Australian Research Council Future Fellowship

2013 Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry Visiting Scholar Fellowship

2009-2012 Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship

2003-2005 MONA LISA Fellowship

2002 Consorzio Spinner Fellowship

2001 110/110 summa cum laude as final Laurea mark


Professional Affiliations

Member Chartered Chemist – Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Member Chartered Chemist – The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)

Board of Directors – Australian Society for Molecular Imaging (ASMI)