Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Peter Simpson


Phd Students

Mitch Klenner

Chris Driscoll (co-supervised with Prof Mark Ogden)

Rene Phe (co-supervised with Prof Mark Ogden)

Chiara Caporale

Nurshadrina Akabar

Matthew Stout

Laura Galan

Anna Ranieri

Chao Shen (co-supervised with Prof Mark Ogden)


Honours Students

Alexander Thomas

Brad Schwehr


Past Group Members

Dr Melissa Werrett (now postdoc at Monash University)

Dr Daniel D’Alessio (now working at Nalco)

Dr Phil Wright (now working at Nalco)

Dr Brodie Reid (now working at Perth Modern School)

Dr Calum McMulkin (now working at Alcoa)

Dr Rhys Tilbury

Dr Jamila Vaughan (now working at Pfizer)

Madian Jinzarli (now working at Lord&Company Patent Attorneys)

Louise Karagiannidis (exchange student from the University of Southampton)

Steven Briggs (exchange student from the University of Southampton)

Brenda Ennis (now studying medicine at University of Sydney)

Sushil Ramchandani (now working at A-Star, Singapore)

Huong Tran

Harriet Clarke (exchange student from the University of Southampton)

Karen MaGee

Karina Khambatta