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Congratulations to Phil Wright and Peter Simpson for their new paper in FEBS Letters “Imaging nuclear, endoplasmic reticulum, and plasma membrane events in real time“, in collaboration with UniSA and University of Bologna.



Congratulations to Melissa Werrett, Phil Wright, and Peter Simpson for their new paper “A Molecular Probe for the Detection of Polar Lipids in Live Cells” accepted in PLOS ONE, reporting on the use of ReZolve-L1, distributed by Rezolve Scientific, as a marker for the tracking of polar lipids and autophagy in live cells.


New paper in Dalton Transactions “Negatively charged Ir(III) cyclometalated complexes containing a chelating bis-tetrazolato ligand: synthesis, photophysics and the study of reactivity with electrophiles” in collaboration with Prof. Stefano Stagni and Dr. Valentina Fiorini at the University of Bologna.