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Congratulations to Laura for her paper Probing the effect of β-triketonates in visible and NIR emitting lanthanoid complexes accepted into Dalton Transactions. Nice collaboration between Curtin University, University of Queensland, University of Bologna and the University of St Andrews.


chiara review

Congratulations to Chiara for her review on the use of luminescent iridium complexes in life science published in Coordination Chemistry Reviews.

Congratulations to Dr Rhys Tilbury, Dr Calum McMulkin, and Dr Ashley Mulder for the completion and award of their Doctor of Philosophy titles!


Congratulations to Rhys, Phil and Ashley for their paper Laser-Based Formation of Copper Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solution: Optical Properties, Particle Size Distributions, and Formation Kinetics accepted in the Australian Journal of Chemistry.

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Anna’s paper Methylation of Ir(III)-tetrazolato complexes: an effective route to modulate the emission outputs and to switch to antimicrobial properties has been accepted into Dalton Transactions. Another nice collaboration between the University of Bologna and Curtin University!


Phil’s paper on synthesis and use of molecular architectures bearing terpyridines and tetrazoles is now available in European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, a nice collaboration between Curtin University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland and University of Bologna.