Congratulations to Dr Rhys Tilbury, Dr Calum McMulkin, and Dr Ashley Mulder for the completion and award of their Doctor of Philosophy titles!



Nice cover image for Chiara’s paper on iridium tetrazolato complexes as cellular imaging agents. Congratulations!


Congratulation to Mitch Klenner for being awarded the best oral presentation at the¬†Innovation in Radiation Applications (IRA) 2017 International Conference in Wollongong, with his talk titled “Complexation with Rhenium(I) Allows Radiofluorination of a Target Ligand without the need for Preliminary Azeotropic Distillation“.


Our work on investigating rhenium complexes in cells with X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy featured in the cover for the special issue of Metallomics “Imaging Metals in Biology”.


Front cover of FEBS Letters illustrating imaging of the endoplasmic reticulum in our paper “Imaging nuclear, endoplasmic reticulum and plasma membrane events in real time“.